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Think about how important the Coach/Athlete experience is. From training and athletic development to mentoring, coaches and athletes share a reliance and need. The ability of an athlete to excel, interpret information and effectively compete is directly correlated to the highly collaborative relationship that exists between the Athlete, Parent and Coach. The support a Coach provides to their Athletes is critical in the development of athletic ability.

TCC designed its Sport Complex to enhance coach/athlete, coach/parent/athlete interactions and capabilities. Athletic Membership provides many of the same benefits coaches enjoy. To receive these benefits and enjoy the services, features and value of the environment, Athletes must enroll in a membership program. Current Athletic Memberships provides limited access to the Coaches Individual Virtual Offices for Team, Athlete/Parent or Scout Meetings.

Athletic access to other interactive sections of the Sport's Complex such as the Learning Centre for Skill's Seminars, Training Lectures or Workshops and the Sport's Centre for Field of Play Instruction, Practice Sessions and other purposes is by invitation only.



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