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TCC recognizes the enormous commitments associated with coaching. We also understand the inter-dependent relationships coaches maintain with a variety of related groups such as Sport Organizations at all Levels, Subject Matter Experts, Skills Trainers, Community Clubs, Leagues and Teams.

To ensure a valuable and worthy experience, TCC spent several years correlating a coaches Knowledge, Skills and Abilities with the core features, functionality and services of its Virtual World Sport's Complex to establish at a Minimum the Coaching community receives the following benefits:

  • Successfully addresses the core capacity and economic challenges faced by sport coaches and the coaching systems nationally, sport specifically and internationally
  • Establishes an economic and efficient means of delivering required vocational training
  • Provides a set of coaching tools and capabilities that foster and demonstrate the value of persistent engagement and collaboration with all your sport participants
  • Fosters knowledge sharing through Communication, Interactivity and Social Interactions with peers, Subject Matter Experts, Sport Organizations and Sport Service Providers reducing the fees, costs and time barriers associated with consuming these services

Coaching Tools and Services

TCC wants to provide Coaches with unprecedented value, services and capabilities. Determined to remain true to our mission of enabling higher quality engagements, learning, collaboration, knowledge transfer, communication effectiveness and greater collaboration amongst all sport participants, TCC offers a set of valued services, features and functionality for Coaches and will continuously and systematically add to its core services, products and features to meet the variety of resource needs for coaching.

Once Registered to TCC, Coaches will find the following:


TCC Memberships provide Coaches access to several interactive and collaborative venues including a Welcome, Learning, Conference, Convention, Recreation and Sports Centre. All Memberships come with highly interactive and feature rich personal offices.

Services, Features & Capabilities within each venue include:

  • MYTCC - A single page designed so a coach can manage the variety of services, events, courses and friends found in TCC including Social, Sport Specific, Organizational, Educational, Club, League and Team Tools.
  • Services - From any one of the venues mentioned above Coaches can host and/or attend a variety of free or fee meetings, lectures, workshops, training sessions, conferences or seminars.
  • Features & Capabilities - TCC intends to add features into the environment on a regular basis. Some features currently offered through TCC includes (See the Member section for complete list):
    • Synchronous Vocational Training,
    • White-Board Capability,
    • Shared Media Textures for Presentations,
    • Individual Office Access,
    • Team Meeting Spaces,
    • Field-of-Play Instruction and much more.


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