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TCC is a Member Only Environment. TCC wants to ensure to you, our customer that the level of services you receive are unsurpassed at every level. To that end, TCC offers a variety of Annual Membership Programs meant to provide each Individual or Group with unprecedented benefits.

In addition to financial benefits TCC anticipates providing, some additional benefits of membership includes the ability to:

  • Meet up or engage with sport's peers around the world at TCC's Welcome Centre
  • Host events, volunteer planning and attendee awareness sessions at one of our kiosks, event spaces within the Recreation Centre or the member's personal office
  • Search and attend meetings created by a variety of sport user groups or your league, team, subject matter experts or trainers
  • Facilitate national & multinational board, staff or executive meetings more frequently, comprehensively and economically in our Executive Meeting Spaces
  • Create and conduct team training or practice sessions on specific fields-of-play, tracks or other "Branded" environments at our Sports Centre (April 2012)
  • Create, host or attend sport specific training seminars, lectures or workshops from within any one of the Learning Centre's pre-designed spaces or classrooms
  • Host, attend, deliver vocational training from one of our collaborative classrooms
  • Invite, attend or participate in sport specific research & development lectures, seminars or workshops within our Conference or Convention Centre
  • Deliver presentations in all our meeting spaces
  • Work collaboratively using shared white boards
  • Invite and engage with groups of friends using your social network's website and TCC's Virtual World simultaneously
  • Use club, league or team management software while communicating "Live" with your team, athletes, parent and others simultaneously
  • Communicate live, one-on-one or in groups using out chat capability
  • Collaboratively enjoy videos, streaming media, IPTV or game tape with friends, teammates or colleagues right from the member's personal office (April 2012)
  • Participate in virtual conferences, conventions or other global events hosted by a variety of sport related groups...and much more, all managed from a single page.


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