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TCC's strength is found in its relationships. Each of our partners have played a critical role in creating, shaping and ensuring that TCC's services, features and functionality "Raised the Bar" in Coaching Education, Athletic Development and Recreational Event Activity.

Loyalist College of Applied Arts & Technology

Loyalist College surpasses the challenge of tomorrow's business landscape. Our rapidly changing world means business and industry are looking for employees who can change and adapt, think and grow, succeed and improve.

InfiniteSpaces (iS)

Infinite Spaces is an award-winning developer of virtual environments based at Loyalist College, in Belleville, Ontario, Canada. Widely known for creating highly effective applied learning experiences Infinite Spaces has distinguished itself as a leading creator of educational and interactive simulations in virtual worlds. Infinite Spaces is uniquely qualified to apply excellence in design, architecture, experiential creation, and programming, to create engaging applications for a range uses, including mobile and tablet-based applications.



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