Tutorial Table of contents.

Coach Workshop Tools

The Classroom

The classroom as seen below has several functional spaces within it to support the workshop activities.

  1. Primary Teaching Location
  2. Four Break Out Spaces for group activity work
  3. A lounge broken into two sections
  4. Entrance Zone

Navigating the Classroom

A key component of The Coaches Centre is providing National Coaching Certification Programs. Each course is run by a Learning Facilitator and consists of numerous lessons. You will be provided with a Make Ethical Decisions: Coach Workbook that outlines what will be taught in the course. You will go through the course with a Learning Facilitator and fellow classmates but you will also have the ability to review the workbook at your leisure anytime. Users will benefit from being in an interactive classroom environment, learning from an experienced instructor and interacting with classmates all from the comfort of their own home or wherever they choose to log into The Coaches Centre.

Viewing In-Class Displays

Throughout the workshop your Learning Facilitator may display information on either the display board in the middle of the classroom or an animation / poll result on the round tab display in the middle. To best see the material make sure you "+" zoom in on the material. In the case of an animation you will need to "+" zoom to see the read along material.


Make Ethical Decisions: You will notice a "Tab" on the top right hand side of the Frame titled "Workbook". To begin viewing and using the Coach Workbook, click on that tab. The Coach Workbook is a document containing all the course information that will be covered by the instructor. There are several activities within the workbook for the user to complete and participate in with the class. The workbook contains interactive elements such as multiple choice questions for polling, discussions, text based response fields, and more.

Notes Section

You can take notes in your workbook by typing in the open text boxes. Several open text boxes are available to a participant to type in their personal notes that only they can see and print at the end of the workshop.

Reference Material

The NCCP Workshop Reference Manual has been incorporated into your online workbook. To view the appropriate reference material click on the book icon.

Poll Question

Several polling questions exist within the workbook. When the coach is prompted they will individually click on the poll response they find most applicable the "Submit" their answer. Results will be shown the by Learning Facilitator later in the workshop.

Group Exercise

A number of group exercises are built into the workshop. These are sections that enable everyone located within the same break out group, defined by the room you are in, to jointly answer/fill out the sheet. You have both a personal copy and a group copy of the form. Once in a breakout room, click on "flipchart Group Version" to activate the group version of the sheet.

The lock symbol is used to open the book for your input. When locked you only you can enter data in the exercise. If locked by another group member only they can enter data. Remember to lock the sheet when you are done. Click on the Lock to unlock and type in a response

Once you team finishes the exercise, click the done button at the bottom of the exercise. This will notify the Learning Facilitator you are now done.

The workbook can be presented to the classroom by the Learning Facilitator when everyone is in the main classroom space.

Print Your Workbook

The workbook can be presented to the classroom by the Learning Facilitator when everyone is in the main classroom space.

Button is at the bottom of the workbook.

Tutorial Table of contents.


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