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Event Creation and Editing – Members Only

Creating an Event

If you have enrolled in TCC as a “Subject Matter Expert, Sports Organization, Club or Recreational Event Organizer or Manager you have the capability of “Creating” and “Hosting” an unlimited amount of “Events” during your membership period.

Events are virtual events you can set up with fellow users. You can set up your own event by clicking on the “Create an Event” tab. An event will be open for any user in The Coaches Centre to attend and once fully created will be displayed in the “Available Public Events” section of the MyTCC page.

Starting at the Create an Event screen, you will be required to fill out all fields.

  1. Where to hold the event
  2. The Title of your Event
  3. A brief description of your event
  4. How much does it cost to attend the event, do not enter the $ sign.
  5. When is it

Once you have filled out all of the fields, you can click 'Add Event Session’ to create your own event.

For your event you can control the event boards. These boards enable you to place a jPEG image that is viewable for all to see such as an “Event Itinerary”, “Advertisement” or “Image” when they enter the event space.

Click “Choose File” and select from your computer and the appropriate image. Once selected click “Submit Image” and it will be displayed in your event space.

If you do not have suitable image a default Coaches Centre image will be used.

Now you can invite other users to your event who are on your friend list or send e-mail invites to non-members to join. These individuals will be automatically notified of your event but will not be automatically enrolled in it. They must still register for your even.

Click the box for Coaches Centre friends and type in the full email addresses, separated by comma’s, for external friends you would like to invite.

Click 'Submit’ when you are done and you will be thanked for creating a new event.

Your Event has now been created.

To go back to your My TCC page, simply click on the My TCC link on the right side of the page.

My Registered Events

Events you have joined and or created will be displayed under “My Registered Events”. Simply click on the event and you will be taken to the virtual space where the event is scheduled to take place. Events you have created will also be seen here.

Editing Your Event

As the leader of the event, you will be able to edit some details of your event such as the label and description. Using the “My Registered Events” section go to the event you created and “Click” on the blackboard to edit

You will not be able to edit the event location, price or session date. You will be able to invite other users from your Coaches Centre friend list or send additional e-mail invites. Once you are satisfied, simply click 'Apply Changes’.

You will then be returned to the MyTCC page.

Tutorial Table of contents.


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