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How to Register

  1. Select your country and preferred language, if available, by clicking on the flag of your country and clicking on the language you desire.
  2. You will now be on The Coaches Centre main page. If you have not yet registered (created an account) for The Coaches Centre, click on 'Register Now'. If you have already registered to your right you will see an area where you can fill in login credentials, simply type your username, password and click "login".
  3. Fill out your account creation information.
    1. Your Username will be what you are referred to within the Coaches Centre and will be the name displayed above your avatar's head once you have entered the virtual world. This will help other users identify who you are both in voice and text chat as well as your actual avatar in the virtual space. Your chosen Username must be between 4 and 15 characters.
    2. Your Password must also be between 4 and 15 characters.
    3. Make sure you use a valid e-mail address so you will be able to receive invitations to meetings, events by colleagues and friends as well as any updates from The Coaches Centre regarding your account, the site and the virtual environment.
      Remember your Username and Password as you will need them to log into The Coaches Centre if you log out. Fill out all fields present to the best of your ability. Everything you fill out can be edited at a later date through your My TCC page except your Username which has to stay the same. Once you have filled out all fields, read the end user licensing agreement (EULA). When you reach the bottom of the EULA, check the available box to agree with these terms then click on the 'Register' button to continue.
  4. To successfully participate in TCC you will need to install two browser plugin's:
    1. Unity 3D Webplayer
    2. Vivox
    This section will check if you have them installed and if not will proceed to installing them on your behalf. If you are not sure of the plugin installation process, a tutorial guide is provided for you on this page. Click "Check my plug-ins" to proceed
    Once everything is installed successfully you will be shown a "Continue" button. Click Continue to finish your registration.
  5. There are several customization options available for your Coaches Centre avatar. Options include Gender, Skin Colour, Shirt Style and Pants as seen below. Simply click on your desired gender and go through the various other options by clicking on the arrows. Once you are satisfied, simply click on "Done" to proceed.
  6. You have now successfully created a user account for The Coaches Centre. You will now be presented with the MyTCC page.
Tutorial Table of contents.


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