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Learning Facilitator Workshop Tools

The Classroom

The classroom as seen below has several functional spaces within it to support the workshop activities.

  1. Primary Teaching Location
  2. Four Break Out Spaces for group activity work
  3. A lounge broken into two sections
  4. Entrance Zone

Each course is run by a Learning Facilitator and consists of numerous lessons. Instructors are given a Teacher Control Panel along with the workbook tabs.

Remember that coaches will see only the Workbook tab and only the Learning facilitator will have access to the Teacher Control Panel tab. This ensures only the Learning Facilitator can control the classroom.

Users will benefit from being in an interactive classroom environment, learning from an experienced instructor and interacting with classmates all from the comfort of their own home or wherever they choose to log into The Coaches Centre.

Teacher Control Panel (Learning Facilitator)

There are several different interactive aspects of the Teacher Control Panel.

Flip Chart

In the virtual world, the instructor can use flip charts to display relevant information from the Make Ethical Decisions: Coach Workbook namely designated key questions and worksheets. The instructor can select the flip chart they wish to display from a drop down list then click 'Display selected Flip Chart in world’. All 4 groups activities will be shown in the classroom for the LF to review and discuss. For a better view, users can click the zoom button and zoom back out with the zoom out button.


To gauge the thoughts and opinions of the users a polling system has been integrated into The Coaches Centre classroom area. While going through the workbook, users will be asked to give their opinion on different scenarios and topics by choosing from multiple choice lists. The instructor can select the poll they wish to discuss from a drop down list. To preview the results select “Preview”.

Poll results can then be previewed by the LF prior to displaying to the class. If the LF is interested in who voted for what they can click on the poll answer to see who in the class chose that option.

Click 'Display selected Poll in world’ to show it to all users in the class. The poll will appear in the central area on the platform.


While going through the Make Ethical Decision: Coach Workbook there are different example scenarios outlined. These scenarios have been animated and can be played by selecting the scenario you wish to view from a drop down list and clicking 'Play selected Animation in World’. The animation will appear in the central area on the platform. Select the animation you want to play from the pull down menu then click “Play selected Animation in World” for it to play. Zoom in to get a better view and read along with the action.

Change Chat Locations

Location allows the instructor to listen in and participate in the voice discussions of users in different areas without having to traverse to that area. For example, if the class is broken up into groups for an activity the instructor can join the discussion at any time with any group without having to go to each area. Select the area you would like to listen in to from the drop down list and click 'Change Location’. Please be advised that your voice area will change if you navigate into a new area. Make sure you wait to see that you have joined the channel before you talk.

Text Board

The text board acts as a virtual whiteboard the instructor can share textual information with the class. The instructor can type what they would like displayed in the available text field and click the 'Post to world’ link to display the information. The information is displayed on a board for all to see. For a better view, users can click the zoom button (+) and zoom back out with the zoom out button (-). To clear the information, click 'Clear in world result’.

Media Viewer

The media view is designed to display both video and static images. If you want to present a PowerPoint simply save your presentation as a JPEG and PowerPoint will convert all your slides to JPEG. JPEG is the only supported image format and the virtual world will support OGV formats. However, if you support a .MOV or .MP4 media format the environment will reformat the video into a format that can be displayed in the virtual world.

The first step is to import the media you would like to display in your virtual office. Click “Choose Files” and use your native operating systems file management system to select one or many files to upload into the system. When you return to the TCC screen the number of files selected will be shown.

Click “Submit” and all he files will be processed for display. Processing will perform any necessary padding on you images to ensure they are optimally displayed. If a video is within your selection it will be converted to the appropriate media format for display within the virtual world. Once processing has completed the list of files will be shown.

To display any media file simply click on that file. Note that the last file clicked will be highlighted. If it is a video it and paused and resumed buy clicking on the appropriate button. To clear any screens click the “Blank Display”.


The dashboard tool is broken into two key components. General Coach activity and Group activity. The first section provides current and dynamic information on the current status of each coach registered for the course.

The second section enables the LF to track the status of group work being done in the breakout rooms. When a group completes a session they will mark their work as done. This will be displayed in this region of the dashboard.

At times the workbooks can get locked and need a lock reset. Click “Reset locked status of all breakout spaces” to reset worksheet locks.

Clear Emoticons

As an LF you may find all of your coaches in the workshop have an icon active cluttering the 3D space. The LF can clear all emoticons with this tool. Click 'Clear Emoticons’ to remove all displayed emoticons from all users.

Message Notification

This tool is designed to broadcast a text message to everyone in the classroom space independent of their location. Type in your message and click submit. Individuals can clear the message by clicking on the X.

Class List

This is a class list. All individuals registered for the workshop and there information can be displayed and printed by the LF. This will enable the LF to input the attendees such that they receive credit for attending the workshop. Click “Print” to print out a copy of the registered students.

Tutorial Table of contents.


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