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Managing your Event Space Tools – Member only Function

As a member you can create an event for others to attend. As part of your event booking you will be provided with your own event space to customize. Your Event Space has a number of standard tools for you to use in the presentation of information.

Event Space Tools Tab

Presentation Target Screens

Within your event space you have a number of presentation boards onto which you can present information. To activate any presentation board in the event space click onto and scroll down to the appropriated location listed in the Target screen pull down menu.

If you click “All” every board will be posted with the exact same information. The next two tabs; “Text Board” and “Media Viewer” will be used to present material at the currently active Target Screen(s).

Text Board

The text board acts as a virtual whiteboard where the “event host” can share textual information. The facilitator can type what they would like displayed in the available text field and click the 'Post to world’ link to display the information. The information is displayed on a board for all to see.

Media Viewer

The media view is designed to display both video and static images. If you want to present a PowerPoint save your presentation as a JPEG. The PowerPoint program will convert all your slides to JPEG. JPEG is the only supported image format.

If you have a video in a .MOV or .MP4 media format the environment will reformat the video so that it can be appropriately displayed in the virtual world. This process can take several minutes based on the size of the file being converted.

The first step is to import the media (video, presentation, image) you would like to display in your virtual event space. Click “Choose Files” and use your native operating systems file management system to select one or many files to upload into the system. When you return to the TCC screen the number of files selected will be shown.

Click “Submit” and all he files will be processed for display. Processing will perform any necessary reformatting of your images to ensure they are optimally displayed. If a video is within your selection it will be converted to the appropriate media format for display within the virtual world this may take a few minutes but as the “host” of the event space, you can pre-load all media. Once processing has completed the list of files will be shown.

To display any media file simply click on that files link. If it is a video it can be paused and resumed buy clicking on the appropriate button. To clear any media you had previously placed on a screen click the “Blank Display”.

Clear Emoticons

Event attendees may use their emoticons from time to time to answer questions or communicate with you. If you wish to clear all emoticons please Click 'Clear Emoticons’ and all displayed emoticons will be cleared from all users.

YouTube Video Streaming

There are two tabs associated with the iFrame video streaming from YouTube. The “Media Player” tab is for event attendees and will display any video played by the event owner.

The “YouTube Ctrl” tab is for the event owner. It can be used to stream video through the iFrame to all users within the event space. You can pre-link up to four YouTube video streams.

Once you find a YouTube video you wish to stream:

  • Click Share button
  • Highlight and select Link
  • Copy and paste the link into TCC Video List

Once you have pasted the link into the appropriate area, click “Load Video”. The loaded video will appear on your screen indicating you are ready to play the video to your audience. To manage your controls you can use the Play, Pause, Restart and Synchronize as you present.

Tutorial Table of contents.


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