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MyTCC Services

Your MyTCC page is your access portal to the various aspects of The Coaches Center.

1. Edit Profile

The Edit Profile section found on your MyTCC page displays the information you provided during Registration. If you would like to change or update this information at any time, simply click the 'edit’ button to open the Edit feature on your Profile page.

On the Edit Profile page, you will be able to change almost all of the information you provided during the Registration process. You cannot change your Username, your Type of Membership. You are able to Change your Password and Customize your Avatar. You can also upload a picture of your choosing to represent you at The Coaches Centre. After you are satisfied with your changes, you must click 'Submit Changes’. All fields must be filled out with the exception of your Coaching Card Number for the changes to go through.

2. Virtual World Venues

The Coaches Centre has four primary venues for one to participate in. Each venue will provide you with a fully 3D immersive experience.

Personal Office: Clicking on this link will launch the Personal Office region of the virtual world, your own private space to conduct meetings and meet with friends. Your office has capabilities for presenting materials.

Welcome Centre: Clicking on this link will launch the Welcome Centre, a common gathering space for all members and non-members of the Coaches Centre.

Sports Campus: Clicking on this link will launch the Virtual Sports Campus region of the virtual world, feel free to explore and interact with fellow members or non-members.

Event Space: Clicking on this link will launch the Event Space region of the virtual world. This is an open event room for all to explore. Once a member you can book this space to hold your own events.

3. Public Events/Workshops

This is a list of scheduled events that you can join. Simply click on the event you would like to join to register for that event. If you are not a TCC Member yet, additional fees will apply.

Once you have selected the Event, the cost if any will be presented. If you still wish to attend "Proceed to Checkout". Please note as a Non-Member you will be charged a fee to attend any event.

Depending on the event type you may be requested to provide additional information. Once you have entered the additional information requested you can then proceed to "check out"

You will now be linked to PayPal for payment. Once you have successfully completed payment for the event you will see the SUCCESS message below. Now click on "Click here to continue"

4. My Registered Events

Once you have completed registration to the Events you wish to join, they will be displayed in the "My registered Events" section. At the scheduled time of the Event, simply click on the event link and you will be taken to the virtual space where the event is taking place. Events you have created will also be visible here. As the leader of the event, you will be able to edit some details of your event such as the label and description. Simply click on the "blackboard" icon to edit

5. Friends System

The Coaches Centre is built from a strong sense of community and users are able to befriend each other.

Add a Friend [+]: Click on 'Add a Friend [+]’ to bring up a search box that allows you to find fellow users to befriend on The Coaches Centre. Below we are looking for a friend named Mark.

Simply click on the plus icon '+’ to send a friendship request. Your friend will have to 'Add’ you before you can see them on your friend list.

To establish a direct connection with the invited TCC User, they must first accept your invitation to connect. An invitation will appear on their screen similar to below.

Once Add has been selected they will show up on you friends list.

More options will be opened for interaction with your friends when you have been added to their friend list. You will be able to send personal messages to your friends and if a member you will be able to invite users you have befriended to your private office.

Chat with a Friend: To chat with a friend simply click the bubble beside their name and a chat window will appear. If they are not online when the message is sent it will be saved for when they log back in.

If someone sends you a chat message you will be notified by the bubble turning yellow.

Invite a Friend: To send an e-mail and invite friends who have yet to join The Coaches Centre.

Tutorial Table of contents.


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