Tutorial Table of contents.

The Virtual World Interface – Web Frame

Above is an example of the virtual world interface of The Coaches Centre virtual environment. Each numbered area will be listed below with a description of what each part of the interface details.

  1. The Virtual World

    This is the 3D immersive space where you will be able to view your avatar and see fellow users in the vast expanses of The Coaches Centre virtual world environment. Here you will explore, interact with others, learn and have a great time.

    Walking: To move your avatar inside the 3D space you can use either your arrow keys or the W, A, S, D keys on your keyboard.

    Inside every immersive space you will notice.

    Zoom In: click on this icon anywhere in the world to zoom in on the object

    Zoom Out: click on this icon anywhere in the world to zoom out

    Change Camera: click on this icon anywhere in the world to change your view.

    Stand Up: if seated you will need to stand back up to move again. Click this icon

    Sitting: There are many objects within the 3D environment upon which you can sit. Point your mouse on the object and left click to sit.

  2. The Web Frame Tabs:

    Running across the top of the right side of the web frame, you will notice a set of tabs. These tabs provide advanced Features and Functionality to enhance the User Experience". You can view your My TCC page, browse the Internet or view the various services available to members of The Coaches Centre. These tabs will vary from location to location. See tutorials on the various locations to understand better how to use these tabs.

  3. Down/ Up Arrow Expansion:

    View your chat communications and who is within chatting distance of you by clicking on the downward arrow button located toward the bottom on the far left side of the frame. The lower interface will expand down to accommodate this. If you wish to revert back, simply click on the now upward facing arrow button.

  4. Text Chat:

    Simply click on text bar to beginning typing text messages to others in your vicinity. Once you have finished your message hit the 'Enter' key or the speech bubble to send.

  5. Voice Chat:

    You can speak directly to those in your chat zone by clicking on the 'Push to Talk' button and holding it down while you talk. To hold you microphone on for chatting click the lock button. Make sure you have a headset with a microphone set up to your computer to use voice chat.

    It is important that you join the chat zone before you can use the voice services. You will know you have entered the zone and are ready for chat when you see in your chat window that you have joined the channel. Each voice zone will take a few short seconds to activate.

    When you leave and/or enter a new chat zone your text box will look like below. You cannot talk until you receive the "joined the channel" message.

  6. Emoticons: Simply click on the available emoticons to quickly show fellow users how you are doing. The chosen emoticon will appear above your avatar's head for others to see.
  7. Side Arrow Expansion: Click on the left facing arrow button to expand the web frame to the left. The virtual world area on the left side of the screen will decrease in size as the web frame on the right side increases for an optimal viewing experience. To revert back, simply click on the now right facing side arrow button.
Tutorial Table of contents.


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